How can CMPS help you?


Mortgage Planning Certification

We train and certify you in the five skills necessary to help homeowners and homebuyers improve their lives through mortgage planning.



Mortgage Sales Training & Sales Coaching

We give you a step-by-step action plan to grow your business and achieve better results. We also provide you with an action item dashboard and implementation resources to save you time and make your life (and your job) easier.  You'll be able to build more effective strategic relationships with real estate agents, builders, financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, HR directors and other strategic partners.



Mortgage CRM and Automated Marketing System

Our mobile-responsive CRM platform helps you create and keep track of daily sales activities, and measure your progress with each borrower and strategic partner relationship.  We provide you with a library of marketing articles, videos and campaigns to help you differentiate yourself in the market and create unique value for prospects, borrowers and strategic partners.  Set your print, email, online and social media drip-marketing campaigns on auto-pilot and track the results.



Real-time MBS Quotes, Alerts & Market Updates

We provide you with daily market updates, real-time market data and alerts - all co-branded with your information in a consumer-friendly format so you can easily share with clients and referral partners.  This positions you as the market expert, and helps you avoid getting blindsided by rate sheet re-pricing.



Elite Mortgage Designation and CMPS® Branding

Once you're certified, you'll be listed in our public search engine,, and you'll receive banner ads, email signatures and a certificate to verify your CMPS credentials.  The Certified Mortgage Planning Specialst - CMPS designation is the first and most widely recognized mortgage planning designation in the market.



Mortgage Planning Calculators

We provide you with mortgage calculators to compare loan options and illustrate the benefit of various mortgage planning strategies. These help you to create more value for homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate investors.



Regulatory & Industry Updates

We keep you informed on the latest developments and trends that impact the housing, financial and mortgage markets.



Strategic Corporate Consulting

We help bank, credit union and mortgage company executives create and implement strategies that improve corporate culture and empower high performance teams.



NMLS SAFE Act Continuing Education

Our NMLS-approved SAFE Comprehensive CE courses are engaging, relevant and enjoyable… well, as enjoyable as compliance courses can get :)



Live Events, Workshops & Webinars

Our Top Producer Round Table events equip with you strategies and tactics from top 200 loan originators sharing best practices.  Our CMPS Live Certification events are unlike any other event you've attended, with unique content, dynamic presentations and hands-on skill-development designed to grow your business.


Questions? We just might have the answer you're looking for!


CMPS Institute is a national organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers.  We provide mortgage planning certification, sales training and technology systems to banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and individual loan originators.  Our mission is to help homeowners and homebuyers improve their lives by using the right mortgage strategies.


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