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Our mission is to help loan officers improve their skills, articulate their value and close more loans.

In 2005, we noticed that loan officers can get stagnant without the right financial knowledge, sales skills and daily habits. So, we launched the industry’s first and most prestigious mortgage planning designation called, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS). Our CMPS course helps loan officers differentiate themselves and articulate their value to borrowers and referral sources. CMPS-certified loan officers are also accredited to teach continuing education to financial planners, CPAs and real estate agents. Over 8,000 of the nation’s top loan officers have graduated from our sales training courses, and many have gone on to become top producers.

In 2018, CMPS Institute became part of the Momentifi family of companies. The CMPS Certification is currently offered as a stand-alone option for individuals or groups, or as part of the full Momentifi membership suite that includes the Momentifi Mortgage CRM and Momentifi Productivity App.

  • Founded in 2005
  • Over 8,000 graduates of our certification and training courses
  • Licensed as a proprietary and/or real estate school in over 25 states
  • Approved as a continuing education provider through National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards, and other organizations
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What is Mortgage Planning?

Mortgage Planning is the process of carefully evaluating your mortgage options and choosing the right mortgage strategies. Your mortgage is most often your single largest debt, and your home is most often your single largest financial investment. That's why mortgage planning should not be a do-it-yourself endeavor, but rather a collaborative effort with your Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS).

Why Is Mortgage Planning Important?

Mortgage Planning with a CMPS-certified professional helps you answer the following questions:

  • Should I rent or buy a home?
  • How much of a down payment should I use when purchasing a home?
  • Where should the money come from?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • How much should I budget for my monthly housing expenses?
  • What if I budget less or more?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my financial ability to help my children pay for college?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my financial ability to help take care of my elderly parents?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my financial ability to retire within the budget and timeframe that works for me?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my monthly cash flow situation?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my financial ability to save money for the future?
  • How will my mortgage decision impact my financial ability to manage and reduce my debt in a timeframe that works for me?
  • Should I purchase real estate for investment purposes?
  • What mortgage strategy should I use when buying a vacation home or investment property?

Top 10 Reasons Why a Mortgage Loan Originator Should Get CMPS-Certified

  1. Confidence: The CMPS curriculum gives loan originators the confidence they need to be effective. Licensing courses train loan originators on how to pass the licensing test. The CMPS course trains loan originators on how to pass the real-life conversational tests that clients and strategic partners give them every day.
  2. Knowlege & Skills: The CMPS curriculum equips loan originators with the skills they need to help borrowers:
    • Compare loan options more effectively
    • Consider housing and mortgage decisions in the context of their overall financial situation
    • Make smarter choices when it comes to debt, cash flow and real estate investment
  3. Credentials: CMPS-certified individuals are accredited to teach continuing education to real estate agents, CPAs and financial planners. CMPS certification is the public's assurance that an individual has met rigorous, peer-developed and reviewed standards endorsed by a national professional body.
  4. Validation: Employers welcome and respect certification because it signifies that a loan originator is serious about his/her profession. CMPS certification means that you've gone above and beyond minimum licensing requirements and are committed to excellence in the way you conduct business.
  5. Professionalism: Certification is a fundamental standard among major professions in this country. CMPS certification is important for internal professional recognition, external verification, and accountability.
  1. Continuing Education: CMPS certification and membership includes continuing education on all five CMPS-skill sets. This keeps loan originators updated on mortgage planning trends and strategies.
  2. Coaching & Best Practices: CMPS certification is practical to a loan originator's every-day dealings with borrowers, Realtors and financial advisors. The coaching resources included with CMPS membership helps loan originators learn and implement the best practices of top producers.
  3. Value to Strategic Partners: CMPS training and coaching is heavily focused on helping loan originators create value for real estate agents, financial advisors and other strategic partners. Everyone talks about creating unique value, but CMPS gives loan originators the system and resources to do so.
  4. Differentiation: There are over 500,000 loan originators who are licensed or registered in the US today. CMPS gives loan originators a way to stand apart and differentiate themselves in the market.
  5. Marketing System: CMPS certification and membership includes a cutting-edge library of marketing articles, newsletters, social media content and PowerPoint presentations. This saves loan originators time and helps them to educate borrowers and referral partners on the value of mortgage planning.
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