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The CMPS Realtor CE classes have been a wonderful avenue for me to meet new agents. I was in front of just over 1 agent per business day last year!”

– Matthew Posey, CMPS®
Loan Officer

Wow! I feel so much more confident in the knowledge I have and how to share it with clients and referral partners."

– Beth Crouse, CMPS®
Loan Officer

I enjoyed every single module and will insist that the LO’s that report to me all get certified.”

– Julia Hardy, CMPS®
Branch Manager

I’ve taken many courses over 18 years in the business. None have gotten me as excited about the value I can provide to my clients as this one."

– Kendal Becker, CMPS®
Loan Officer

Outstanding confidence builder in all aspects of setting yourself apart in the market and helping clients and referral partners.”

– Jason Martinson, CMPS®
Regional Manager

Best course I’ve taken in a long time!"

– Pamela Caldwell, CMPS®
Loan Officer

I’ve been in the business for 21 years and this was the first class in all my education that left me eager for the next module.”

– Michael Cancio, CMPS®
Loan Officer

I would highly recommend this course for any loan officer looking to separate yourself from the competition. It really helps you become an expert in your field and offer more value to your clients and referral sources."

– Richard Lombardi, CMPS®
Loan Officer

The CMPS designation really separates our loan officers and gives them new skills that are very relevant to today’s mortgage sales process.”

– Craig Strent, CMPS®
CEO & Top 200 Loan Originator

CMPS puts you in the front of the room as the expert. I am able to present a more detailed solution and communicate it more effectively. It works!”