Training + Coaching + Technology = Better Results

We've found that most mortgage loan originators don't have a sales plan.  Or if they do, it doesn't get implemented consistently. Our sales training, coaching and implementation platform is designed to help you measure:

  • How many closings you need to earn your target income goal;
  • How many face-to-face meetings and phone conversations you need to reach your closings goal; and,
  • How many contacts you need to make in order to reach your appointments goal.

Our Relationship Planner technology gives you a sales and action item dashboard where you can track your progress.  Sales coaches and branch managers can use our dashboard to help your team set goals and implement the action items necessary to achieve those goals.  In short, we've married training and coaching with technology to give you better results.  You'll be able to define and execute the action items necessary to:
  • Increase your purchase loan volume
  • Increase your average loan size
  • Improve your lead-to-closing ratio

Equally as important, you'll be able to track your results and make adjustments as necessary.  Our implementation resources, flow-charts, sales training and weekly sales coaching help you to figure out for yourself:

  • When, if at all, you should hire an assistant
  • If you hire an assistant, what should he/she do
  • How you can implement more effectively
  • How you can weather the ups and downs of the market
  • What you should do right now to grow your business

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CMPS Institute is a national organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers.  We provide mortgage planning certification, sales training and technology systems to banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and individual loan originators.  Our mission is to help homeowners and homebuyers improve their lives by using the right mortgage strategies.


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