CRM and Lead Conversion Suite


Mortgage Client Relationship Manager (CRM) and digital marketing platform

  • Modern, sleek design and mobile-responsive features that allow you to access and run your business from the cloud at any place and any time.
  • Use our templates or create your own automated follow-up campaigns and intelligent workflows.
  • Integrates with your LOS, Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) and other systems
  • Includes API to add, edit and delete contacts and transactions
  • Compliance controls to standardize, approve and record consumer communications
  • Reporting and customization options on an enterprise, region, branch and LO level
  • Keep track of sales and operational tasks via activity logs, notes, and completed/open action item reports
  • Permissions architecture includes access for managers, loan originators, assistants and operations staff
  • Create and save custom search profiles for reporting purposes and automated business processes
  • Automate and standardize communication, follow-up status updates via email and SMS text messages
  • Create custom dashboards for prospecting, transaction management and after-closing outreach

Real-time market data, alerts and daily updates

  • Stay smart with market intelligence.
  • Look smart by simplifying the market.
  • Leverage your smarts with consumer-facing daily market updates, and weekly market update newsletters for real estate agents and financial advisors.
  • Built right into our Relationship Planner CRM (included); or we could also plug-and-play our MBS dashboard into your current CRM through an iFrame integration.  This makes your CRM adoption more "sticky" and gives your LO's another incentive to log in.

Automated mortgage reviews, TRID-compliant loan comparison calculators and mobile-responsive mortgage sales presentation system

  • Compare loan options more effectively and help borrowers make smarter financial choices
  • Simplify complex mortgage decisions and illustrate loan scenarios with clean, mobile-friendly charts and graphs
  • Record videos using your web cam and personalize your sales presentation
  • Built right into our Relationship Planner CRM (included); or we could plug-and-play this into your current CRM.  This makes your CRM adoption more "sticky" and gives your LO's another incentive to log in.
Cmpsmarketing Iphone-marketing

Articles, newsletters and content marketing system

  • Expertly-written content for use in mobile-responsive email, print, social media and online marketing
  • Use our Relationship Planner CRM (included) for distribution and tracking, or use our API to plug-and-play our content and marketing campaigns into your current CRM
  • Includes compliance controls and the ability to add your content and campaigns
  • Automated follow-up campaigns and content for use with borrowers and strategic partners including:
    • First-time homebuyer campaigns
    • Pre-approval campaigns
    • Move-up homebuyer campaigns
    • Real estate investor campaigns
    • Vacation home buyer campaigns
    • College funding campaigns
    • Retirement funding campaigns
    • Real estate agent follow-up campaigns and newsletters
    • Financial advisor follow-up campaigns and newsletters

Earn the prestigious Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) designation.

  • 15-hour class available live or online - click here to view the course syllabus
  • Improves loan originators' financial acumen with five mortgage planning skills
  • Gives loan originators the accreditation and content to teach continuing education (CE) classes to real estate agents, CPAs and financial advisors
  • Transforms loan originators into true "trusted advisors" and "content marketers" with the ability to create unique value in the marketplace
  • Helps loan originators build purchase business and convert more leads with better scripting

Training, interviews and best practices from top producers

  • How to build and lead a high performance team
  • How to expand your strategic relationships with real estate agents, attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and other trusted advisors
  • Best practices including scripting, marketing and workflow templates