Close More Loans from Financial Advisors

The Step-by-Step Coaching You’ve Been Waiting For

This is a Good Fit If:

  1. You want a more sustainable, diversified business
  2. You’re tired of working with Realtors and want to diversify your referral partners
  3. You don’t want to constantly be “on call” during the weekends for partners who don’t value what you provide
  4. You want clients and referral partners to seek YOU out vs. the other way around
  5. You want to work with financial planners and have no idea how to get started
  6. You feel stuck or need some direction and accountability to be successful in working with financial planners 

Get Scripting, Coaching, and Accountability in these Five Areas:

  1. How to contact and approach financial advisors
  2. How to be viewed as a highly-valued strategic partner
  3. What to say when you meet with financial advisors
  4. How to stand out from the competition and articulate your value
  5. How to implement an ongoing marketing plan to consistently generate more referrals and close more loans from financial planners

How it Works

Step 1: Get CMPS-certified (15-hour online class with videos and exams)
Step 2: Participate in two 45-minute calls per month (10 calls over 5 months)
Step 3: Complete homework assignments and stay accountable

Your Investment: $6,000 (includes one-year of CMPS membership)
Discount for Current CMPS Members: $800 discount will apply if you’ve renewed your annual CMPS membership within the past 6 months.  Otherwise, your investment will be $6,000 and we'll extend your membership for a year.
Your ROI: Depends on how committed you are!  It’s not uncommon to generate at least an extra 6-8 loans per month from financial planners if you implement this system.

Fill out the application form on this page. Please note: there are only a few spots remaining for the upcoming group!

How many years of mortgage origination experience do you have?
Are you currently CMPS-certified?
Why are you interested in this coaching program?
What do you hope to get out of this coaching program?

"I hired Craig to coach me on how to pursue business from financial advisors last Fall. This was a big leap for me because I’ve never paid anyone for advice before, but he did not disappoint. He taught me how to speak their language and implement systems that bring value to advisors and their clients where other LO’s do not. Highly recommended if you’re serious about cultivating relationships in that sector."

Andy Schwartz
Senior Loan Officer
CBC National Bank Mortgage

About Craig

Craig Strent is the CEO of Apex Home Loans in Rockville, MD. He has been originating mortgages since 1994 and has appeared on the top 200 list in industry publications more than a dozen times. Craig’s primary focus is Mortgage Planning and the Financial Advisor market. He has presented at national conferences on this topic multiple times and is well known for his scripting, presentation, and marketing techniques within the advisor niche. Craig is sought out for his mortgage planning expertise in his local market and he regularly teaches classes and offers Continuing Education (CE) credits to financial advisors. He has been featured on the NBC Nightly News, CNBC, News Channel 8, and Fox Morning News. Craig is regularly interviewed as a subject matter expert by The Washington Post and his writings have appeared in the Washington Business Journal.