Closed four deals from financial planners last month for $1.4mm… I just received over $1.1mm in new referrals from last week’s CE course… Thank you CMPS for your training and content!

Bill Oliver | Network Funding

The CMPS Sales Workout program is great. Everything is laid out for me. There is really nothing to do other than execute the assignments and stick to the plan.

Bryan Schmidt | Top Flight Financial

I’ve been in the mortgage industry since 1997 and have been to countless training seminars. The CMPS course was by far the most organized, informative, and worthwhile of them all!! Thank you.

Alan Bingel | Accutrust Mortgage

I received 5 appointments with financial planners out of 5 calls that I made as a direct result of the CMPS Sales Workout program.

Nyla Krulik | Valley Bank

Feedback for NMLS 8 Hour SAFE Comprensive CE Course #3367


I have taken many other mortgage education courses in my 17 years as an LO. This was the best. THANKS

Keith Edge | Accutrust Mortgage

This was definitely the best 8 hr continuing ed class I've taken. The real life examples are super helpful in how things pertain to situations we're in on a daily basis. Everything was very clear. Nice job!

Annisa Baker | Fairway Independent Mortgage

Every aspect of the course was perfect. It provided clear content and was very easy to follow.

Fred Gruber | First Rate Financial Group

I feel like CMPS does a more in-depth presentation than other test providers.

Laura Biche' | Sandhill Financial

Excellent Course!!! Great job Gibran!

Ken Watson | Sierra Pacific Home Loans


CMPS Institute is a national organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers.  We provide mortgage planning certification, sales training and technology systems to banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and individual loan originators.  Our mission is to help homeowners and homebuyers improve their lives by using the right mortgage strategies.


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