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Kelly Marsh

Kelly closed over $120 million in loans last year and she's appeared in the top 200 list of loan originators multiple times.  Kelly has implemented several unique systems in her loan process that allows her to close a very impressive 9 out of 10 borrowers that she meets with!  Learn about Kelly's loan process and: How to Close 9 out of 10 Borrowers that You Meet With.  

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Brent Hicks

Brent has closed over $1 billion in loans throughout his career and he's appeared on the mortgage industry's top 200 list many times.  He recently took a 5 year sabbatical from the mortgage industry and built a $20mm direct sales company during that time.  Brent recently jumped back into the mortgage business and has revved up his personal production to $5mm/month in less than a year!   Brent's system is uniquely engineered to create disciples out of his clients and referral partners. Learn about Brent's system and: How to Create a "Wow Experience" for Borrowers & Referral Partners.  

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Jennifer Du Plessis

Jen has consistently generated over $1 million in personal annual revenue each year for the past 20 years.  She's funded over $1 billion in loans, and she's been named in the top 200 list of loan originators in the US. Jen is also the host of Mortgage Lending Mastery, a podcast where she shares insights gleaned from over 30 years experience in this industry.  Jen shares her systems, structure and implementation strategies to lead a high performance origination team. You'll walk away with Jen's: Assistant System & Flowchart: How to Lead a $1mm + Origination Team (and have a life)

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Scott Forman

Scott is one of the nation's most productive loan originators, having grown his personal income from $300,000 to over $3,000,000 in four years. Scott also leads a team of 15 loan originators. Scott is a National Mortgage Training Coach with The CORE Training, a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, Certified Senior Advisor, Certified Military Housing Specialist and Certified Reverse Mortgage Planner.  Scott is a contributor to the WCBS / Wall Street Journal Report. Scott will help you focus on: Two Daily Habits that Will Double Your Business in Six Months.

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Dianne Crosby

Dianne closes over $150mm in annual loan volume and she's consistently ranked in the Top 200 list of loan originators in the US.  About 2/3rds of her business is purchase loans.  Dianne has amazing insights on how to build meaningful relationships with real estate agents, how to lead a team and how to create a competitive advantage with your loan process.  You'll really enjoy learning more about Dianne's systems and How to Create a Competitive Advantage with Real Estate Agents!

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Steve Grossman

Many Loan Originators have appeared on the industry’s Top 200 list over the past 20 years, but very few have appeared more than 15 times. Steve is one of the few originators who has done so.  He's consistently achieved high volume in any market, while managing a team of 80 LO's. Learn how he does it and discover: How to Leverage Your Greatest Business Asset!

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Chris Nooney

Chris has appeared on the top 200 list of loan originators many times, but he recently took a step back to spend more time with his family. He currently leads a top-producing branch and still manages to close about 20 loans per month in personal production.  Chris has lots of metaphors, analogies and stories that he uses with borrowers to educate them on the mortgage market and handle their objections.  Walk away with his winning scripts and discover: Three Steps to Remove the "Rate" Objection  

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Rhonda Johnson

Rhonda closes about 20 loans per month. She works primarily with builders and first-time homebuyers. Rhonda found a way to tap into that niche, and she's gained a whopping 40% market share of ALL loans in her market (not just first-time homebuyer loans)! We'd love for you to hear Rhonda's story and walk away with: Five New Ways to Increase Your Market Share

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Craig Strent

Craig is regularly turned to by the local and national media for his opinion on mortgage trends. He's also one of the few originators who has appeared in the mortgage industry's Top 200 list over 10 times. Craig has originated well over $1 billion in loan volume in his career, with most loans coming from Financial Planners, Database Management, Divorce Attorney & CPA’s. Craig has done all of this while building an Inc 5000 Mortgage Company and managing a team of loan officers. You won't want to miss his insights on: How to Find & Grow Strategic Relationships with Financial Advisors

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Gibran Nicholas
Host & Moderator

Gibran is the creator and producer of Top Producer Round Table™.  He's the founder, Chairman and CEO of CMPS Institute, an organization that has trained, coached and certified over 7,000 of the nation's top loan originators since 2005.  Gibran is also the creator of Relationship Planner, a technology platform that helps people simplify and improve their relationships.  Gibran is regularly quoted as a financial and housing expert in national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Business Week and the Washington Post and has been featured on Fox and ABC News.  You won't want to miss Gibran's: Strategies & Tactics to Save Time & Grow Your Business.

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